At LIBAYA fashion is more than about making beautiful clothes, it's a collection of emotions and a way to express yourself in order to make a social impact — something we learned during a journey of creating this meaningful brand that celebrates women through style made in Africa. Being inspired by women and working with women the aim has always been to tell stories that connect and activate women to go after their dreams no matter their backgrounds. As we cross borders, we continue connecting with inspiring female creators that are inspired by and create for: women.  

In a new photography series Dutch artist Anne Barlinckhoff opens up about her search for love and belonging, which takes her to Ghana. She captured a mother and her daughters wearing pieces of LIBAYA in a story she named ‘Family Love’.  Presenting a beautiful vision of young femininity, empowerment and the strenght of love in collaboration with LIBAYA.


Growing up in an orphanage left me looking for love. And this sense of wanting to belong left me for an admiration of siblings and families. I think it’s beautiful to see families together, especially in a culture where community is so important, it becomes so vivid. Meet Mary, Grace & Fafali who live in a small fisherman’s town in Ghana. When we met our admiration for each other was instantly shared. The power I feel within my body and soul is infinite and that power is strengthened when shared with other women. With my intimate and caring approach I wanted to capture their beauty and Libaya’s pure aesthetic fabrics together. In other words, we are not separate. We define each other, we’re all backs and fronts to each other.
With love,
Anne Barlinckhoff





Anne Barlinckhoff is an artist whose work is an study of the human body and our relationships. With her remarkable eye for detail and evoking emotions for trust, close to skin of her subjects are an exploration of the sculptural bodies turned into shapes and stories, forms and contours that transform the ordinary into a new kind of intimacy.

Photography & Art Direction: Anne Barlinckhoff
Models: Mother Mary and daughters Fafali and Grace

Photography in Accra, Ghana