With a lot of passion, LIBAYA aims to present a variety of style forward African made ready-to-wear tops for the global style conscious woman's daily wardrobe. Deriving from the Bantu language, Lingala, which is mainly spoken in DR CONGO, LIBAYA means a “traditionally tailored women’s top”.

The essence of our brand is inspired by a way off dress from African women, who have been part of the global book of style for years. We celebrate this through our trademark BUKA MAPEKA style which is the Congolese name for the long established off-shoulder silhouette, traditionally worn by women in Congo.

While combining inspiration from the past and present, our brand creates versatile and feminine styles that reflect the now, embodying a charming and confident lifestyle. A LIBAYA piece is that one staple item every woman will be proud wearing. 

In an effort to contribute to a fair and developing fashion eco-system in West and Central Africa, our in-house team is connected to every stage of the design and production process ensuring that all items are made under the right circumstances with love for women and the continent. 

Altogether, ‘’The Future is female and African’’ is a statement close to our hearts, as we highly believe in celebrating the influence of women and divers beauty that goes beyond borders.




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