Our women's series celebrates the diversity of female beauty through established  and aspiring professionals in the fashion and creative industries.  Through these portraits we aim to inspire all women to embrace themselves and go after their dreams no matter their backgrounds. 


Arieta Mujay is a multidisciplinary fashion professional who worked within different areas in the industry, ranging from communication, strategic development to styling and event production. 

 Photography by Christina Nwabugo 

Photography by Christina Nwabugo 

Message to other women working in fashion:

''Go for it, try your best and try your hard. Think about the business part of the work, that's the key. I don’t really care about the glitz and gloss of the industry anymore, after a while you have done it all. There are so many catwalks, so many events but at some point the focus should be on the business. For a very longtime fashion and business was separate. If you can bring your creativity into the business; then you are a winner. ''

Thoughts on style and being a woman: 

''I don’t believe in misconceptions, I think it is really much about how you as a person feel about yourself. I would not necessarily refer to myself as being feminine but I can be sexy and I love androgenic chic, which is sexy to me. Just be confident in yourself there is nothing more sexy in a woman than wearing confidence. It's all about your attitude.

That is girl power I guess''



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