Our women's series celebrates the diversity of female beauty through established  and aspiring professionals in the fahsion and creative industries.  Through these portraits we aim to inspire all women to embrace themselves and go after their dreams no matter their backgrounds. 

Debbie Shasanya also known as Asos Debbie, is a fashion and style influencer that made her way in fashion, being one of the creative minds behind the Asos Magazine while inspiring us with colourful looks on her Asos Debbie instagram account.


 shot by Christina Nwabugo

shot by Christina Nwabugo


Finding your passion through fashion

Fashion is so broad, think about what you really like. There is so much you can do, so you need to find what it is. If you can not go to school, there is so much you can learn online: so teach yourself! Create and use online resources, start a page or blog to feed that passion and show it so people can spot you. Nowadays people go online to find others to connect and collaborate. Use it well!

Lessons from working with instagram

Best thing I learn from Instagram is to make it your own. You need to be yourself, that is the only way to make it authentic. If you are trying to be someone else you will have to keep up and it can be kind of a struggle and so stressful. The downside of trying to be someone else is when someone meets you they barely recognise you.

Find what you are good at and push that. Be authentic, be yourself