Our women's series celebrates the diversity of female beauty through established and aspiring professionals in the fashion and creative industries.  Through these portraits we aim to inspire all women to embrace themselves and go after their dreams no matter their backgrounds. 


Thea Gajic, is an actress and director, motivated to reveal the narratives of underrepresented people .

 shot by Christina Nwabugo 

shot by Christina Nwabugo 

Reflections on being a woman
I think women embody so much. It is a strong a delegate embodiment of sensitivity, femininity and masculinity of course. You cannot have one without the other. What I admire about all women is that we offer a lot of pleasant balance and love to everything. 


Career goals & advice to other women
I always aim to push ideas that can represent underrepresented people on screen, this also means creating room for women. I also intent to put the spotlight on working class people, which is a crowd I grew up around. It is important to tell stories for people and make sure they come from a related source.

Always keep it honest and raw. 

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